Proudly made in Germany and Czech Republic, as local matters most!

PhoTEX® is an affordable, luxurious soft knit stretch fabric. PhoTEX® is an affordable alternative to The Fabric Frame Solution by Graceland Designs® concept that has taken the market by storm since 2018. PhoTEX® is a lightweight fabric that can be easily folded and packed away into a drawer. Perfect for travellers!

👉 rapid print production (for all sizes, in any design!)

👉 Premium 210gsm high end quality dye sublimation printing with a vibrant fun colour finishing

👉 Neatly stitched hemmed edges, stain resistant and machine wash friendly

PhoTEX® is not a wrinkle free option and requires backdrop clamps for a perfect seamless fit.

Over 5 different sizes available for immediate order.

All custom sizes welcome – please email the office on [email protected]